The first blood moon of the tetrad appeard in the night sky. Akuma KirĂ¡, gathered what little belongings he had along with his battle axe and left the smoldering village which had been incinerated by demonic hoards. The shadow spirits had attacked and murdered his family, causing chaos and war to break out in the guardians homeland, leaving in their wake total ruin. He set out bewildered and lost on the path to find the Great Spirit he had once known long ago to seek guidance in avenging the evil that had tried to conquer him. He traveled through badlands gathering like-minded warrior souls, the Ghost Dancer and the Thunderer, to his side.

Howling to the wind and screaming to all in the night who can hear they now travel as one tribe, the Blood Moon Ghost Tribe, gathering all desolate souls to their path. They journey to the end of the earth telling stories of the past and revealing prophecies of the future to all. They hunt Ooktaynah, the great red dragon, who has enslaved their world trying to reverse its wicked magic setting the servants who worship the great beast free. Throughout the land they gather the lost and forgotten together and become one adversarial force, along with the Great Spirit who leads their tribe through this present darkness.